Laura’s morning routine



First thing I do in the morning is brush my hair, make it into a ponytail so that I can get my hair out of my face. My favorite brush is the TANGLE TEASER that I purchased at SEPHORA. It is amazing when it comes to detangling my hair.

With my hair out of my face, I can start cleansing it, and then I pat dry my face with a dry towel.

Now is the time to moisturize ! I use the GALENIC moisturizer for blemish skin just to prevent any acne.


Sometimes, my skin doesn’t feel great and needs a little boost, so I put the tiniest amount of liquid foundation on certain areas such as my under-eyes, my eyelids and sometimes my forehead. My favorite is the L’OREAL NUDE MAGIQUE, as it is very light weight.

I apply my foundation with a beauty sponge. Then I use some translucent powder, the L’OREAL NUDE MAGIQUE BB POWDER.

Of course, I cannot forget about bringing some colour and dimension to my face, so I apply this lovely bronzer from KIKO.

Now, time for eyes ! Sometimes, when I want my eyelashes to be super curled, I use the eyelash curler from the SEPHORA brand, and then apply some mascara, this one is also a SEPHORA one.

My perfume is the CHLOE one, and I also use it with the body cream also by CHLOE. Love that scent !

Don’t forget to moisturize ! I love using the GALENIC moisturizer for my hands.


For my hair, I love using the MOROCCANOIL hair treatment, it leaves my hair so silky smooth !

My favorite dry shampoo is the BATISTE one, leaves my hair feeling fresh !


For my lips, I use the LUSH “rose lollipop” lip balm, and my lips feel amazing !


Xoxo, Laura & Elisa

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