South Kensington, London UK



During these two weeks of holidays, lots of things happened. I spent a week in Paris and the week after in London. This city is so unforgettable and beautiful, all those houses, all of those restaurants, places, styles, arts, monuments…. Everything in London is very special. I was so lucky to be there because the weather was amazing (as you can see on the pictures), only a little bit of wind but it was a good compromise. Unfortunately holidays are over, exams are coming so fast and so as the stress… However don’t forget to stay tuned with fashion. Love you, Laura.

Khaggiani, Elisa&Laura


IMG_9615Capture d’écran 2016-05-08 à 17.51.40

Top from ZARA

Jacket from ZARA

Pants from H&M

Cap from VINTAGE (store in Prague)

Watch from SWATCH

Shoes from SILVIA


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