Our favorite spots in Milan


Laura & I love to find new places to eat, to relax.

We narrowed it down to a few places you MUST go to when in Milan …

1- If it is sunny outside, there is nothing better than the Terrazza Obica, in Piazza Duomo.

The food is amazing, the view is gorgeous as you can have an amazing panoramic view          of the duomo, it is just worth it!


2- Again if the weather can allow it, the terrace on top of the Brian & Barry building is                 breathtaking. The salads are delicious, and you can enjoy them whilst enjoying the                 view.

3- For breakfast, we love to go to California Bakery. They offer  selection of great pastries,        bagels, cakes, pancakes … etc. We are sure that you will find your happiness there as            there is a numerous amount of choices, all that remind us of America!

4- I am a HUGE cupcake fan, and a girl’s gotta have her cupcakes! So we got you covered :        we really enjoy the cupcakes from Vanilla Bakery, very similar to California Bakery.                Vanilla Bakery is an amazing restaurant for many reasons : they serve the food with              french fries, the people are very nice, you don’t have to wait to get a table ( or max 5              minutes), and of course, the cupcakes are great.


5- Sushi ! One of our favorite meals is sushi, and we got you covered here too. The first                sushi restaurant we want to share is a brazilian sushi called Bomaki. They mix the spices      and flavors of Brazil in a sushi, which we love !


6- The second sushi restaurant we would like to share is Hana. This great restaurant offer         traditional sushi, but it is very tasty, and amazing.



Laura & Elisa



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